Soho Pottery Limited - Unknown - CL - Covered Vegetable - Plain Uplift maybe

A cloverleaf decorated covered vegetable.  The body style, while yet unnamed, the handles lead us to think it may be Plain Uplift.  Once a consensus is reached this page will be updated.  Based on its mark this piece was made between 1906 and 1922.
Item: Vegetable tureen (covered - various sizes)
Potter: Soho Pottery Limited
Location: Cobridge, England
Manufacturing Era(s): 20th Century
Origins: British
Type of Company: Potter
Collecting Category: Common
Type of Ware: Dinnerware
Body Style: Unknown
Treatment: Gold Lustre
Motif: Cloverleaf
Finials: Arch - Elliptical
Adults/Child's Pieces: Adult
Footprints/Shapes: Oval
Type of Mark: