Homer Laughlin (Kitchen Kraft)


Newell, West Virginia



Manufacturing Era

20th Century Modern


Gold Lustre

Type(s) of Ware


Body Style(s)


Tea Leaf


As far as Tea Leaf is concerned, Homer Laughlin China Co. (Kitchen Kraft) denies that they ever made or decorated with Tea Leaf but there are many pieces of Kitchen Kraft (which they did make) decorated with gold Tea Leafs.  The exact decorator of those Kitchen Kraft pieces is not known; however, the recently discovered Bahl Pottery Tea Leaf motif closely resembles that used on Kitchen Kraft pieces, and John Bahl was a decorated in East Liverpool, Ohio.
Brothers Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin formed a partnership in 1871 to make pottery ware in their hometown of East Liverpool Ohio.  The pottery prospered.  In 1897 Homer Laughlin retired and sold the business to Mr. Wells, manager of the factory, and another partner.  The partners felt a need to expand their business but there was no more room in East Liverpool Ohio.  In the early 1900's, land was purchased in what became Newell, West Virginia and a pottery was built.  Ownership has changed hands many times over the years, but the company still exists.