Henry Alcock - Jumbo - TL - Coffeepot/Teapot


Very unusual to find decorated with Tea Leaf.  Unusual elephant profile at peak of handle.  Perhaps potted to commemorate Jumbo the elephant (ca. Christmas 1860 – September 15, 1885), the first international animal superstar, and the first African elephant to reach modern Europe alive. Jumbo lived in the London Zoo for about 16 years, where he delighted visitors by taking them on trips around the zoo grounds in the howdah on his back. Jumbo was the biggest elephant in captivity. Due to this, American showman P. T. Barnum wanted Jumbo in his circus, eventually buying the elephant in 1882 for $10,000. Jumbo's sale initiated public outrage inBritain, and drew notice around the world. The British objected to the sale, and wrote letters to Queen Victoria urging that Jumbo remain in London. The courts ruled in Barnum's favor however, and the elephant was shipped to the United States. "Jumbomania", a fad for all things Jumbo, was born at this time. The civilized world was flooded with Jumbo neckties, jewelry, soaps, and other ornaments and souvenirs (and maybe irtonstone?). Jumbo debuted in the United States on Easter Sunday 1882 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. His death was met with worldwide grief and sorrow.

Item: Coffeepot/Teapot
Potter: Henry Alcock
Location: Cobridge, Staffordshire
Manufacturing Era(s): 1880s
Origins: British
Type of Company: Potter
Collecting Category: Mid-Level
Type of Ware: Dinnerware
Body Style: Jumbo
Treatment: Copper Lustre
Motif: Tea Leaf
Finials: Elephant
Adults/Child's Pieces: Adult
Footprints/Shapes: Round
Type of Mark: