Identification Guide Upgrade Notice

open box with light shining out

We have moved to the 2020 new and improved version of our TLCI Identification Guide and Handbook.  While it still has the same great look and feel, a few features will now work differently.



When creating a handbook, you will have to do this in steps.  First, create the handbook.  Next, scroll to the bottom of the handbook, then click on the next tab.  To print, you will have to save each output section into a PDF file first.


Duplicated Items

In some cases, identical photos may have been deleted.  This includes a single photo with a sauce tureen and ladle.  Only one of these will now display.  This will be reviewed and corrected after implementation.


Search Results

To print search results:
First, complete your search.

Second, create a PDF File by using the button that says “Export Results to PDF”

Finally – print the PDF file.

To view search results that are particularly voluminous, there may be more than one output page generated.  At the bottom of the first page you can select page 2, etc.  Keep this in mind if you are printing.


Please contact us if you have any questions - Contact