I inherited or have a collection and have been able to identify and learn more about my pieces through the Identification Guide. Is it possible to figure out how much my Tea Leaf is worth and get current market values through this system?

The Tea Leaf Identification Guide is an educational resource intended to help you identify the maker, body style, decorative motif, approximate dates of manufacture and country of origin of your Tea Leaf, along with other attributes about the potter and the piece. The Identification Guide is not intended to be an appraisal tool. The Tea Leaf Club does not provide appraisal services.

The Tea Leaf Club has, however, created a Tea Leaf Ironstone Value Guide to help you look at your Tea Leaf through the lens of age, condition, body style, etc. to determine if the item you are wondering about is common or rare. The Value Guide can be found on our website at www.TeaLeafClub.com.