How do I learn more about Tea Leaf?

Of course, the absolute BEST way to learn about Tea Leaf Ironstone China is to become a member of the Tea Leaf Club. Join with other collectors, read the newsletter, attend the national convention and regional meetings, and learn from our educational publications. The following printed materials are also available.

"Handbook of Tea Leaf Body Styles"
A project of the Education Committee of the Tea Leaf Club International, published in 1995 and updated in 2000 and 200666. Published by TLCI. Available for purchase from the Tea Leaf Club. Not a price guide.

"Grandma's Tea Leaf Ironstone"
By Annise Heaivilin, c. 1981, republished 1996 with no changes or corrections. Not a price guide.

"American Tea Leaf: Manufacturers, Potters and Decorators"
By Julie Rich, c. 1992, Published by Tea Leaf Club International. Available online.

"Tea Leaf Readings"
The Official Newsletter of the Tea Leaf Club International, available to Tea Leaf Club members