Body Style

Square Ridged - Ribbed

Naming Source:

Club Named


Johnson Bros.
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Red Cliff Ironstone (Hall China)
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East Liverpool, Ohio

Enoch Wedgwood
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Tunstall, Staffordshire

Manufacturing Era(s):

1880s, 20th Century


Copper Lustre, Gold Lustre


Oblong, Square

Type(s) of Ware:

Bath, Dinnerware


Tea Leaf


Wedgwood's (1880s) version of this body style is probably the best known and the most abundant of the Square Ridged varieties. Its popularity is attested by Red Cliff's reproduction of it in the 1960's. Johnson Brothers also made this shape but it is less plentiful.

Teh basic square shape is softened by a slight flare to the waist and the inward curveĀ of the ribbing which extends to the bracket feet. The bracket handle is also slightly curved.