Body Style


Naming Source:

Club Named


Hanley Porcelain Company
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Hanley, Staffordshire

Johnson Bros.
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J.W. Pankhurst
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Hanley, Staffordshire

Manufacturing Era(s):

1880s, 1890s


Copper Lustre, Gold Lustre



Type(s) of Ware:



Tea Leaf


The Johnson Brothes became the proprietors of the J. W. Pankhurst potter works at Hanley in 1883. Thus, the same body styles may be found with either a late Pankhurst mark or the Johnson Brothers' arms mark.

Rosetta is a bulbous round body style with simple lines. The rosette embossing on the handles of hollowware pieces is characteristic of Johnson Brothers. It is also found on some Wedgwood products which are similarly styled. On Pankhurst hollowware pieces the finials may be mushroom shaped. 

 Hanley Porcelain Company also made this body style - possibly Johnson Brothers farmed this work out to them or they copied this from them - we may never know! Their gold tea leaf was over glaze so it may have been applied after potting.

embossing on handle terminal of Johnson Brothers Rosetta creamer

top view of handle on Pankhurst creamer

embossing on handle terminal of Pankhurst creamer