Body Style

Richelieu Shape

Naming Source:

Factory Named


James Wileman
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Fenton Culvert, Fenton, Staffordshire

Manufacturing Era(s):



Copper Lustre


Oval, Round

Type(s) of Ware:



Lustre Band
Morning Glory


The name "Richelieu Shape" evokes thoughts of fancy French rococo designs but the plain bulbous lines of this body style defy that description. The conical knobs, some with circus tent stripes, is the only relief from a rather simplistic form.

Two versions of this body style were potted. The first version is characterized by an elongated C-shaped handle and a graceful attachment of the lower handle to the body of the teapot. The second version has more circular handles, a heavier feeling and a much thicker lower handle attachment to the body of the teapot. These two versions show the same stamped potters mark on the bottom.