Body Style


Naming Source:

Club Named


Bishop & Stonier
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Hanley, Staffordshire

Burford Brothers
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East Liverpool, Ohio

John Edwards
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Fenton, Staffordshire

Johnson Bros.
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Alfred Meakin
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Tunstall, England

J & G Meakin
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Hanley, Staffordshire

Powell & Bishop
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Hanley, Staffordshire

Enoch Wedgwood
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Tunstall, Staffordshire

Manufacturing Era(s):



Copper Lustre, Gold Lustre


Oblong, Oval, Round

Type(s) of Ware:

Bath, Dinnerware


Tea Leaf


Fluted corners on an otherwise plain surface characterize this beautiful body style. Fancy finials and handles provide added embellishment to an otherwise simple form. When comparing the different manufacturers you will notice the following:


Alfred Meakin - Has a skewered finial and oval, round or oblong footprints. Butter pats do not have any noticeable ridging but are scalloped and can be confused with Simple Pear although the latter is always marked Alfred Meakin LTD.

Wedgwood - most pieces are more rectangular or oblong in shape and with a more rectangular finial.

Johnson Brothers - Squared or round shapes but with an elyptical finial. The ridging is more pronounced and evident even on butter pats, with a slight wave in the ridging.

Powell and Bishop - Again has an off center or skewered finial but found with gold tea leaf motif that feature trianglar leaves.

Burford Brothers decorated their wares with a gold lustre simple tea leaf with no bud.

top down view of lid


a different handle